Book an 11 Plus Mock Exam

Our GL style 11 Plus Mock exams will be open for booking in January 2021.

 Help your child to:

  • Build confidence and overcome nerves under exam conditions.
  • Develop and perfect exam technique.
  • Become familiar with the format and subject content of the GL 11 Plus exam.

Preparing for an exam is one of the most effective methods for building confidence.
Our Mock exams provide an excellent opportunity for your child to practice.

We conduct intensive research to ensure that the mock exams are as close as possible to the Wirral 11 Plus exams.

Children who sit our exams can be rest assured that they are sitting a practice exam that closely resembles the actual exam.

The exam consists of two papers, containing approximately 60 questions.

All questions are multiple choice.

There is a short break for the children between the two papers.

Our 11 Plus exam reports give detailed information on your child’s performance.

Areas of strengths and weaknesses are identified. The reports also show you how your child has performed compared to other children sitting the same exam.

Cancellation Policy

Exam bookings can be cancelled (with a full refund) or rearranged up to 5 days before the exam date. No refund can be offered if you cancel 5 or fewer days before the exam, however you can rearrange for another exam day . You must call or email 11 Plus Wirral to rearrange an exam date if your child is unable to attend the exam due to unforeseen circumstances.