Safeguarding Policy

11 Plus Wirral is an educational  organisation run by: Wendy Chapman

11 Plus Wirraloffers the following educational support for children:

1 to 1 and Small group Tuition, Mock exams, holiday booster classes.

11 Plus Wirral and all tutors involved  are committed in developing good practice and safe procedures in all its establishments, therefore, ensuring that any child protection concerns are handled with the appropriate care, sensitivity and professionally so as to cater and protect all children in our care.

Wendy Chapman on behalf of 11 Plus Wirral,  aims to provide clear direction to all staff involved with tuition of all children  and expects every tutor to support and comply with the expected codes of practice and behaviour in dealing with child protection matters. Consequently this policy shall apply to all tutors, helpers and students.

11 Plus Wirral ensures that our main principles are foremost representative of our ethical procedures across the company.

  1. Prevention and Protection: we promote a positive atmosphere, professional and vocational care; we support all pupils and protect their concerns.
  2. Nurturing Support: we promote all supportive mechanisms possible doable for all children’s concerns.

Purpose of the Policy

1    This policy is intended to protect children and young people who receive any service from us,.

2    As an organisation we believe that no child or young person should experience abuse or harm and are committed to the protection of children and young people. This policy is intended to provide guidance and overarching principles to those who represent us, to guide our approach to child protection and safeguarding.

3   This policy should be read and signed by all tutors, before engaging in any educational activity arranged by 11 Plus Wirral.

The risks to children

Nearly every child grows up in a safe and happy environment and it is important not to exaggerate or overestimate the dangers. Nevertheless, there are situations where children need protection from:  Sexual abuse, grooming, physical and emotional abuse and neglect, domestic violence, inappropriate supervision by staff or volunteers, bullying, cyber bullying, acts of violence and aggression within our exam and tuition locations, victimization, self-harm,  unsafe environments and activities,  crime and exploitation.

We recognise that:

  • the welfare of the child is paramount.
  • all children regardless of race, gender, religious belief, disability, age, sexual orientation or identity have a right to equal protection from harm.
  • some children are more vulnerable to harm as a result of their circumstances, prior experiences, communication needs or level of dependency.
  • working with children, their parents and/or guardians, carers or other agencies is essential to protecting their wellbeing.
  • Safeguarding children during educational support:

We offer a range of educational support services:

  • Teaching/tutoring of small groups and individual children within tutors homes, and at an educational centre.
  • Children under 16 who attend 11 Plus Wirral premises must be brought to the location by an adult over the age of 18 who not only brings the child but also takes the child home again afterwards.
  • Booster classes during the Summer holidays to small groups of children at an educational centre.
  • Mock exam practice during the months of March to September to larger groups of children.
  • Records are kept of names, contact telephone numbers, record of attendance of each child and the lesson content.

11 Plus Wirral ensures that all teachers are fully vetted prior to being assigned a child to tutor.

Communication between the teacher/tutor and Wendy Chapman occurs on a weekly basis.

Children’s progress, well being and attendance are monitored and recorded by tutors and fed back and also through emails whereby parents are copied in.

Parental and student personal details, including contact address and phone number,  remain private and confidential and will not be available to the tutor until after the tutoring service has initiated and there is a valid reason to release a telephone number that the parent has agreed to be communicated at.

11 Plus Wirraltransfers payments to tutors  via a secure banking transfer.

Disclosure and Barring

We take any form of disclosure seriously and will take the necessary action with the police/social services if a child under our tutorlage makes a serious disclosure.

If a child makes a disclosure to a tutor, then the tutor is responsible for informing Wendy Chapman and also following the guidance as stated at (Appendix 1)

  Roles and Responsibilities of all tutors.

  • Always be responsible for the welfare of the student during the session and that the physical environment of the pupil during the session ensuring it is safe and appropriate.
  • Ensure that student environment does not display any inappropriate images and that they immediately report anything they deem that could possibly endanger students.
  • Ensure that all teaching material is safe and prohibits any inappropriate content and images, treating all clients in a professional, safe and fairly, without prejudice or discrimination manner.
  • Ensure language is appropriate and not offensive or discriminatory when in contact with the student.
  • Not make any improper suggestions to a student/s.
  • Not send unsolicited communications to the student or parent/responsible adult.
  • Report any dispute with a student or parent/responsible adult to Wendy Chapman.

Students must:

  • Treat the teacher with respect and not subject them to any type of inappropriate, abusive behaviour.
  • Not make any improper suggestions to the teacher.
  • Have no inappropriate communication with the teacher outside the educational support session

Parents/Carers must:

  • make any reasonable checks for the teacher once in their establishment (including, if required, reviewing the tutor’s DBS certification documentation).
  • be present/ available before or after a tutoring session so any concerns encountered by the tutor can be reported as soon as possible.
  • Ensure that tutors are treated with respect and fairness by the student and will not be subjected to abusive behaviour or language and that no improper suggestions are made by either the teacher or student.
  • Ensure the student has no inappropriate communication with the teacher outside the session and report any unsolicited communications between the teacher and student if appropriate.

Photographing children

No photos will be taken or published of any child attending an event such as mock exams, tutorials, booster classes unless prior written permission is sought from a person with parental responsibility.

All tutors have a responsibility to familiarise themselves with the Safeguarding Policy.

Copies of safeguarding policy available upon request for parents/carers and other involved parties.

Review date: October 2020