Tuition Classes

11 Plus- small group or one to one.

Upton Hall   St Anselm’s    Primary Curriculum   GCSE 

11 Plus Wirral specializes in one to one and small group private tuition.

We mainly prepare children for the 11 Plus Exam, but also offer tuition for the Upton Hall and St Anselm’s exam. 

Small Group Tuition

Takes place at Hoylake Community Centre each week. Groups are a maximum of 5 children. Bags and files provided.

New classes will be starting in January 2021. Please get in touch for further details.

Registration for Children new to Year 5 in September 2021 is now open. Classes Monday to Thursday each week. 

Please get in touch if you would like further information.

One to One Tuition

Takes place in the tutors’ homes. Each tutor has their own tuition room filled with all the necessary resources to deliver a wide range of subjects.

Our team of tutors are able to offer tuition in: 11 Plus, Upton Hall, St Anselm’s, Primary Maths and English, and GCSE Maths. Please visit our tutors 

page for further information.

One to one tuition

Takes place in tutors home once a week. Each tutorial lasts 1 hour.

Tuition is ongoing throughout the year and holidays are arranged between the tutor and parents. If you would prefer one to one tuition for your child, please visit our tutors page for more information.

Group tuition

The 11 Plus course starts at the beginning of October each year. The course dates closely match the school term dates. Tuition runs through 3 terms: Autumn, Spring and Summer. In addition to this, we offer Summer holiday Booster classes and our very popular 11 Plus Mock exams which run from March to September each year.

Every week day Monday to Thursday
1 hour classes at 4pm- 5pm and 5:15pm to 6:15pm

  • AUTUMN 2021
    Monday 27th October to Thursday 16th December

  • SPRING 2022
    Monday 3rd January to Friday 7th April

  • SUMMER 2022
    Monday 25th April to Thursday 21st July

  • Summer Holiday Boosters 2021
    Monday 26th to Friday 30th July

    Monday 2nd August to Friday 6th July

Course Fees (From October 2021 )

  • One to one tuition is £35 per 1 hour of tuition
  • Small group tuition is £25 per 1 hour of tuition.

Group fees are paid on a termly or monthly basis.

To book a place for your child please get in touch by calling 07401 965856 or visit our contact page