Our Tutors

‘Together may we give children the roots to grow and the wings to fly’

We have over 6 years experience of providing our clients with tutors. Our principle aim is to provide the best and most suitable tutor  for your child. Our  team of dedicated tutors are experienced classroom teachers from both  primary and secondary Schools.  They each have a proven track record of outstanding  teaching and entrance exam success with their students.

One to one tuition is regarded as being most effective for children who need support in specific areas of learning. The tutor will be able to identify areas of strength and weakness and focus on areas in need of improvement. Children are able to concentrate and stay focused for longer periods and therefore learning can be more effective.

Our Tutors:

  • Thoroughly prepare your child for the 11 Plus Entrance Exam.
  • Thoroughly prepare your child for the Upton Hall or St Anselm’s Entrance Exams.
  • Can also help your child with other subjects such as Mathematics, Reading, Writing and GCSE Mathematics.
  • Provide tuition in a fully resourced room, within their homes.
  • Are now registering children for tuition from September 2024.

Meet our tutors

Wendy Chapman

Wendy is Manager and the group tutor for the 11 Plus Tuition Team.

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Sharon Henderson

Sharon is an experienced secondary school teacher and tutor for entrance exams on the Wirral.

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Helen Newman

Helen is an experienced Primary school teacher and tutor of the 11 plus exam.

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Vicky Herdman

Vicky is an experienced teacher at one of Wirral’s Grammar schools..

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Stephanie Brennan

Stephanie is an experienced Primary school teacher.

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Anna Gallagher

Anna is an experienced Primary school Teacher.

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Elaine Pigott

Elaine has many years of experience teaching children, teenagers and adults within various educational settings.

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Emily Chapman

Emily has been helping children prepare for the 11 plus exam for four years and has a 100% success record.

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